Executive Master Programme

CURRENT YOU: You are a successful manager, who has built credibility of your personal brand among your colleagues, partners and peers. NOW you wish to advance your career, boost your leadership and management skills, are planning company transformation or seizing new business opportunities.

YOUR CHALLENGE: With limited time and resources, you must aim for nonlinear, stepwise advances in leadership, goal setting, planning, monitoring and execution excellence.

YOUR FUTURE OUTLOOK: Even if you  have brilliant ideas, you should have clear path to motivate yourself to pursue your goals, ignite the passion in your teams to achieve foreseen milestones.  

YOU – THE FUTURE CURRENCY: It is not the number of hours we devote that matters. It is what we put in the MINUTES that rewards us.

Executive Master Program (EMP) grants you with the CORE SYSTEMIC  management knowledge, leadership skills and framework of practical tools that a successful executive should master and empowers you and your teams to think broader and implement new ideas beyond conventional solutions.

You will acquire the ability to seize fleeting opportunities inside and outside your company and generate personal rewards.

EMP will help You:


Boost your leadership and management skills to lead company and personal transformations


Advance your career to new heights


Rethink your business and personal goals and priorities to seize new opportunities in changing times

XXI century executive structure:

10 Modules

Online Sessions

Practical Workshops

Real Business Assignments

Progress Monitoring

Immediate Impact on Results

Length: 5 months


The programme is designed & delivered by a management practitioner with:

– 20+ years experience in executive management development 

– extensive management toolkit with proven immediate impact   on the results 

– designed and executed 250+ Executive MBA and executive       development programmes

– designed top management development programmes in the US, China, India, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and other countries

Programme participants

Ambitious senior leader responsible for developing and executing strategies to make his/her business more successful.

Experienced manager who has recently transitioned or will soon transition into a business leadership/general management position.

Experienced manager willing to boost business skills to be an effective general manager/business leader.

Financial investment

Invest it wise: with least financial and energy investment get greatest return possible.

0,08 € a day of your active brain life-cycle, if you think your brain cells are worth it.

time investment

Every single minute of your life is your invaluable investment.

The EMP provides you with core management knowledge and skills optimising every single precious moment of 3000 minutes in the programme.

Contact for more info:

+370 687 21352